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Examples of Projects

UK Property

Considered Design

fmbconsulting acted for an International client on the development of luxury apartments in the UK. We investigated offshore tax status and issues and established offshore trusts and structures working with established advisers and others introduced by us. Procured all necessary funding. Engaged professional team and main contractor. Established and ran marketing campaign with retained agents. Managed the construction process and achieved all sales prior to final completion of building works. Reported to and liaised with client throughout on major issues.

Overseas Property

Ville Franche

fmbconsulting was engaged by a UK client to manage the acquisition of a substantial villa in the South of France. We liaised with French estate agents and the Notaire (David Gunn is a French speaker and has been involved with the French Property legal system for many years) and were able to help steer the client through legal, funding, tax and inheritance issues.



fmbconsulting acted on the purchase of a luxury yacht for an international client. Coordinated advice on taxation, legal, registration and ownership issues. Investigated and advised on Class and Coding issues for charter use. Managed design process and negotiated and procured contracts for major re-fit prior to first season�s use.

VLJs (Very Light Jets)

Eclipse VLJ

VLJs represent the next era in light aviation. They offer jet technology and performance at a price which is a fraction of the conventional �Lear Jet� cost. We are monitoring this market and advising on possible purchases and shared ownership issues.