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david gunn

Our People

fmbgroup and its consulting division is headed by David Gunn.

Education: Cambridge University (1976-1979) Law Degree. MA 1982.
Experience: 1987-2003 partner Bond Pearce, solicitors. Practised in commercial and property law.

Headed the firm's property division and managed major projects. On the firm's management board for over 10 years heading variously business development, technology and finance projects.

Involved in property development, investment and management throughout the same period.

fmbgroup: Left Bond Pearce in 2003 to pursue wide ranging interests under the fmbgroup banner. Property development in the UK and overseas, yacht charter and management and associated consultancy work. David draws on a network of leading professionals to provide necessary support according to the requirements of each project. From surveyors, international lawyers and tax advisers to superyacht skippers and interior designers.

Our consultancy and project management service is based on two fundamental principles: The first is that there is established an absolute relationship of trust between our clients and ourselves; the second is recognition of the fact that the key to successful project management is not always knowing the answer, but knowing to ask the right question.

David Gunn
Managing Director